About the Artist

Rika’s love of art has always been tied to her love of stories. Many of her earliest memories are of drawing and coloring pictures of her favorite characters. Growing up with the Disney renaissance, Rika was fascinated by the beauty of animation and illustration from a young age.

Rika didn't immediately pursue a profession in art, however. Her passion for the natural sciences was the steering force of her formal education and early career. She received a degree in biology and spent a few years in veterinary medicine. Yet art was always calling to her, being an ever-present refuge and creative outlet.

Through life’s twists and turns, Rika was fortunate enough to change careers and bring her artistic hobby to the forefront to pursue art full time. After some early experimentation with physical paint media, she refined her skills in digital art as her primary medium. She greatly enjoys the freedom and vast number of unique abilities the medium provides.

Upon even first glances, it’s immediately evident how big of a nerd Rika is. Her guiding drive and creative motivation is to express her passion for the stories and characters she loves and to connect with fellow fans who love them too.

Rika currently resides in Northwest Florida with her husband and two fuzzy felines, Soba & Miso.